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The EU Determined to Keep MKO in the List

Reported by Le Soir newspaper, the EU Council is planning to keep MEK in the terrorist list again. It seems that the Council is not paying attention to the verdict of EU Court of Justice issued on December 12th which ruled in favor of Mojahedin. (The Council did not even appeal this verdict.)

The Council has made up its mind a few months ago. A letter written by Christoph Heusgen, advisor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vice President of European Parliament Vidal-Quatras, states that there has been an unanimous agreement on this issue since last February. In February 2007, the Council reached an agreement that the reasons for the inclusion of Mojahedin in the list still apply.

The organization is currently engaged in a propaganda blitz to condemn its re- proscription in the terrorist list. In spite of the group’s claims that it has abandoned terrorist activities since 2001, the EU Council has enough evidences to keep MKO on the list. The Council has also informed the group of the reasons for its proscription.

mojahedin.ws –  10/06/2007

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