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Nejat NewsLetter NO.13

Nejat Newsletter

Nejat News Letter

ISSUE 13 – JUNE 10, 2007


1.    Interview with Arash Sametipour and Babak Amin

2.    EU cites secret evidence against Iran group

3.    Iraq says MKO behind  violence      

4.    Why the MKO Doesn’t leave our land        

5.    Terrorism Charge:  Ex-Hendon Resident  Indicted

6.    Mujahidin case could  reshape EU anti- terror work

7.    Woman tells of terror group  

8.    PM Should Act Resolutely    

9.    Iran Policy Committee Exposed      

10. The Terrorists Lambaste Proscription        

11. Misgivings about Undeniable facts  

12. The Decision Unfulfilled

13. MEK are accused of training terrorists and bombs to target civilians in the Diyala governorate in Iraq

14. MKO on agenda of Iran-US talks    

15. MKO on the EU’s  terror list next week

16. Desperation Prevails in Rajavi’s Cult


Download Nejat NewsLetter-ISSUE NO.13
Download Nejat NewsLetter-ISSUE NO.13

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