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Nejat NewsLetter NO.26

Inside this issue:

1.    Happy New Year!

2.    Nejat Society in London

3.    Modern Slavery in the cult of Rajavi

4.    German Greens say no to MKO

5.    An Interview with MKO former members

6.    Lord Malloch Brown: Camp Ashraf handover to Iraqi government imminent

7.    Tobias PFluger : Iran – MKO are No Freedom Fighters

8.    Iraq Threatens to Expel Rebels

9.    Iranian opposition exiles must leave

10. Is PMOI a democratic organization?

11. Maryam Garrison: center for MKO crimes

12. Nejat: Let ailing MKO members out

13. Nejat delegation met Shadow Minister for Sport

14. Nejat Society Asks UK to Support Iraqi Government

15. Meeting with Baroness Neville-Jones

16. UN denies sending letter in support of MKO

17. Cult survivors visit Iraqi embassy

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