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Nejat NewsLetter NO.24

Inside this issue:

1.           Iraq takes control of Camp Ashraf

2.           Iraqi government willing to take charge of the terrorist group

3.           An Urgent Appeal

4.           Ambassador to Tehran, paid a visit to the Nejat Society

5.           Symposium of Nejat Society in Tehran

6.           September 11th 2002 and MKO Tactic of Duplicity

7.           Inconspicuous affinity between Al-Qaeda and the MKO

8.           British MPs paid a visit to the Nejat Society in Tehran

9.           Foreign Delegations Visit Nejat Society in Tehran

10.        Governor of Khalis: MKO responsible for all violence in Dyali

11.        MKO has 6 months to leave Iraq

12.        Iraqi Cabinet Takes Hard- line Stance on MKO

13.        CIA actively supporting Mojahedin Khalq Terrorists

14.        Nejat Society open Letter to The Prime Minister

15.        Families of MKO members gather in front of the British Embassy in Tehran

16.        Joint Statement of the Nejat Society and the Sahar Family Foundation

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