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Nejat NewsLetter NO.25

Nejat NewsLetter - Issue No.25

Inside this issue:

1.    Future of the Ashraf Base

2.    How many women have reached the summit?

3.    MEPs intrigued by accounts of newly arrived escapees

4.    Nejat Society Visits Geneva Deciding the fate of the Mujahedin

5.    Ashraf — when is a city not a city?

6.    Iraq urges US to stop backing MKO

7.    MKO, another version of al-Qaeda

8.    Mojahedin Khalq on the run

9.    International law to determine MKO fate

10. Pardoned ex-MKO members return to Iran

11. A Camp Ashraf in France

12. Resolution ratified by the Iraqi Administration

13. Iraq: No country willing to take MKO Ashraf camp captives.

14. OPINION – Americas tough decision

15. The MEK and US-Iran Relations

16. Iranian exiles arrested

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