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Nejat NewsLetter NO.14

Nejat News LetterIssue 14 – August, 2007


1.    Exile Group Stays on EU terror List

2.    East French Lines in Terror Alert

3.    The presence of MKO in Iraq is against the law

4.    Four more defectors of Rajavi’s Cult repatriated

5.    Breaking the ties that bind

6.    Rajavi name in Mojahedin propaganda sails a cult spiraling towards disaster

7.    Elaheh, the singer of flowers passed away

8.    Coordinator of MKO terrorists arrested

9.    Status of MKO members held in Iraq prompts debate

10. Anne Singleton interview with BBC

11. Two postings from NIAC about MKO

12. NIAC Makes Progress in Defamation Case with VOA

13. NIAC rebuts MKO and Front Page Magazine

14. Iraq will spare no effort to help Iran

Download Nejat NewsLetter-ISSUE NO.14
Download Nejat NewsLetter-ISSUE NO.14

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