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The Death of a Defector

Once leading a successful career as an Iranian singer during the reign on Pahlavi’s monarchy, Elahe, leaving Iran after 1979 revolution, returned to her home country just a few months ago to die at home. For whatever reason, she had joined NCRI, alias MKO/MEK, and started a close cooperation with the group in the Europe. She announced her separation from the terrorist cult just in the last year and disclosed untold truths especially on Maryam Rajavi’s luxurious life in Auvers sur Oise. Her disclosures infuriated Mojahedin to such an extent that she had to suffer insults, threats, various labels and tongue-lashing of the so-called democratic organization.

But she had made her decision and returned to Iran and repented of her past mistakes and apologized for deserting people when she had to stand by them. Elaborating on the reasons for her return to Iran she said:

I had to return to my home country to show in action what I had to tell by words. I want to pass my last hours of my life in my country beside the honourable, brave Iranians. It is not too late to redeem the past even if you have one day to live.

Addressing the members of MKO she stated:

I speak to those who are mentally captivated in the clutches of a cult whose leaders only follow their egocentric ambitions. When I see this gang fall in with the aliens against national interests to accomplish the cult’s interests, I say to myself they cannot possibly be Iranian.

Regretting her past, she also referred to the time when she was by MKO acting as Saddam’s accomplice against her nation and wished for the freedom of the remaining Iranian artists still in the bonds of the Mojahedin terrorist cult.


mojahedin.ws – 19/08/2007

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