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MKO defector declares separation

Mr. Khoda Bakhsh Mirian left the Mujahedin Khalq Organization and joined Iraqi forces on February 14, 2012 and stepped in the free world declared his separation from the group in a brief letter to Sahar Family Foundation in Baghdad.

Immediately after he moved to the hotel allocated to former members, Mr. Mirian called his family who had previously come to camp Ashraf several times.

Mr. Khoda Bakhsh Mirian left the Mujahedin Khalq Organization

The following is his statement:

In the Name of God
I am Khoda Bakhsh Mirian. Here, I announce my separation from the Cult of Rajavi. Although it took me 10 years to leave the cult, finally I could make the decision and release myself.

Definitely, my family paid the price of my mistake more than I did. I wasted ten best years of my life, seeing and hearing what I hardly ever can describe, because all those sufferings and pains will be reviewed in my mind.

Last night I contacted a friend of mine after ten years. He told me:”leaving a cult is like revival of the dead. It is first of all unbelievable for ourselves.”

Now, I have just one desire and that is the release of my friends who are imprisoned in the cult. I don’t want others to bear a fate like mine.

Khoda Bakhsh Mirian – Baghdad

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