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Sirous Morsalpour declares defection from the MKO

Mr. Sirous Morsalpour who recently succeeded to leave the Mujahedin Khalq Organization declared his defection from the group in the following statement:

Dear countrymen
I am Sirous Morsalpour. I was deceived by the MKO’s propaganda uproar and joined the group at Camp Ashraf, in 2004.

I declare that I left the group because of the reasons coming below. May you judge what I went through.

I got shot in my stomach in both incidents in June2009 and April 2012 at Camp Ashraf. I seriously needed surgery.

Although I could have had surgery outside Ashraf, I was not allowed to go to the hospital [outside the Camp] to have surgery. They suggested unfounded reasons including the transfer to Camp Liberty. Some of my ex-friends also had similar health problems and they were permitted to be surgeried in the hospital. So I asked them to send me to liberty but they unreasonably declined.
Discrimination in treating me and lack of trusting me became an extra suffering to my health problem. When I insisted on going for the surgery I was told that I was fired. They handed me to Iraqi Police to get rid of me,

Sirous Morsalpour
Baghdad – April 20,2012

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