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Mr. Kohzadi officially declares separation from MKO

Mr. Homayoon Kohzadi could manage to leave Rajavi’s cult. Arriving in free world he declared his separation from Mujahedin Khalq Organization. The following is his statement:

I’m Homayoon Kohzadi. I entered Iraqi territory in 1996 and wasted 15 years of my life in MKO because I thought I was in the right path but after a few months, I found out that I had made a big Mr. Homayoon Kohzadi could manage to leave Rajavi's cultmistake.

I realized that there was no mark of that democracy and freedom MKO propaganda claimed. I decided to leave the organization. I declared my defection but they didn’t accept. They told me that I had to be imprisoned in MKO prison for two years and then in an Iraqi prison for 8 years. Then Iraqi government would decide for my fate. So I got forced stay in the organization because I knew about the terrible conditions of Iraqi prison, AbuQuraib.

I also tried to leave the group several more times and every time they reacted by holding meetings [of self-criticism] for me.

My departure after 15 years!

You definitely wonder how I could be able to leave. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi new government started interviewing MKO members. I used the opportunity to express my willingness for leaving the Camp to the Iraqi official. Fortunately I succeeded to leave the group.

I want to warn others about the trap I was captured in. I want to warn them about false propaganda of MKO. When I arrived in MKO; I thought I could leave it whenever I wanted but in fact nobody dares to say a single word about leaving. If you express your defection, they will mobilize the whole members to insult or even beat you in their so-called meetings. They threaten you with two years of jail in Camp Ashraf and eight years in Abu Quraib … I myself witnessed a lot of examples of such maltreatments.

Today I’m really happy for my life in a free world and I can offer my experiences to those who are at risk of being caught in Rajavi’s trap.

Translated by Nejat Society

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