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America, Saudis and Terrorism

The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), popularly referred to as the Monafeqin (hypocrites) in Iran, has to be one of the most if not the most prolific terrorist organisation in the World, it has killed far more Iraqis than al-Qaeda in Iraq and killed far more people worldwide than Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.

It kidnaps children, sexually abuses, tortures and murderers it’s victims, carries out suicide attacks (mainly on Iraqi Shia population) and was a key part of Saddam oppressive regime. It took part in the massacres of Kurds in the North and Shia in the South. It also launched a full scale attack on Iran that cost 8,000 lives and it’s leader Massoud Rajavi, is a wanted war criminal.

The entire terrorist cult based in Camp Ashraf in Iraq is in American custody they have refused to hand them over to Iraqi Government despite Iraqi protests. This terrorist cult, which makes David Koresh’s Branch Davidians seem positively sane and al-Qaeda seem like pacifists, weren’t held in the notorious Abu Ghraib jail were so many innocent Iraqis were tortured by the Americans and they weren’t held in the Guantanamo concentration camp. They’ve been allowed to freely roam Iraq butchering people for the Americans, like they used to do for Saddam.

The Neo Cons in Washington and Zionists in Europe, have been asking for this terror cult to be taken off their respective terrorist lists, on the grounds that your enemies enemy is your friend but cult members using themselves as human fireballs outside Iranian embassies in Europe didn’t help their cause and they’re still on the list of terrorists organisations in both countries.

Iraq’s National Security Counselor Fazel al-Shavili has just disclosed that the Iraqi government has found concrete documents that categorically prove, that Saudi princes pay $30 million a month to the MKO. Last month Al-Bayyinah al-Jadidah reported it was reported that Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan (a Bush family friend) has donated $750,000 to the MKO in a meeting attended by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. This is the same Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the BBC say received a Billion pound bribe in the al Yamamah deal with BAE, the criminal investigation halted by Lord Goldsmith in the public interest.

This is apparently what America calls stabilising Iraq. 

by Steph

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