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On the Anniversary of a Terrorist Operation

On the anniversary of one of the first bloody terrorist moves of MKO, one might be astounded to see that the she-guru of a globally blacklisted terrorist cult and who acts as a surrogate for her husband, whose whereabouts are unknown, “appeals to the international conscience to condemn the executions inside Iran”, as recently advertised by the group’s alias website, NCRI. It seems that the shedding of Iranian people’s blood is no crime to torment the conscience of the group’s leaders.

MKO’s resort to armed struggle was the beginning of a bloody chapter in Iranian history that contains numerous pages of violence and terror perpetrated by the terrorist organization. Following many scattered instances of terrorist operations resulting in the killing of many innocent civilians and Iranian ranks, the next second blow came in August 30, 1981.

On the day at 3 p.m, the terrorist agents of MKO exploded a powerful bomb in the Prime Ministry Building in central Tehran. Following the explosion, a fire broke out in the building. The newly elected Iranian President Mohammad-Ali Rajai and his Prime Minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar were both in the building when the bomb explode and added their names to the list of the victims of MKO’s atrocities.

The terrorist operation justifiably worked for the proscription of MKO as a terrorist group. As described by the State Department’s report “In 1981, the MEK detonated bombs in the head office of the Islamic Republic Party and the Premier’s office, killing some 70 high-ranking Iranian officials, including Chief Justice Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei, and Premier Mohammad-Javad Bahonar”.

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