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Anti-Terror Convention in Mashhad

Solidarity convention against terrorism was held in the city of Mashhad and was joined by Iranian as well as Iraqi judiciary officials and the families of terror victims.

In an interview with Mehr News in Mashhad, Habilian Association’s Executive Director, Mohammed Sanavi said: "The convention was mainly aimed at discussing the issue of terrorism in Iran and Iraq, providing solutions for this phenomenon, exposing the crimes of terrorist MKO and revealing the involvement of MKO leaders in Saddam’s atrocities against Shiites and Sunnis."

"More than 40 Iraqi authorities and officials, including three university professors, five attorneys and two judges, joined the convention."

"At the end of the convention, participants signed a petition praising Jafar al-Mousawi’s serious reaction to the trial of MKO; they also showed their hatred towards terrorist activities of the occupiers in Iraq," he said.

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