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Expel Terrorist Organizations from Iraq

According to Mehr News reporter from Mashhad, Ali Al-Abudi, editor-in-chief of Al-Vela newspaper, joined a press conference on the restoration of Shiites’ activities after the fall of Saddam. He said most of victims of Saddam’s crimes were Shiites and that mass graves in Iraq are full of Shiites. "However, the activities of Shiites have increased today. But the US and terrorist stand against Shiites and their opposition to Ibrahim Jafari is a clear example of this," he added.

Abudi, a member of Iraq’s anti-terrorist community, expressed regret for terrorists’ presence in Iraq and said: "According to Iraqi constitution, terrorist groups should leave Iraq. Mojahedin-e Khalq is also a terrorist group that Iraqis wish to be expelled from their country."

"Iraqis expect political parties to establish security and stability but the hands behind the scenes prevent any achievement in this regard."

Mehr News

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