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Very Soon We Can See Munafeqin Expulsion

Iraqi foreign minister deputy in meeting with Habilian executive board declared:

Very soon we will see the positive results of Munafeqin expulsion process from Iraq and also see a new Iraq without any terror and terrorist.

Mr. Mohammad Hamood, legal deputy of Iraq foreign minister, who had come to Mashhad in order to opening of Iraqi council, in a meeting with Mr. Seyed Javad Hasheminejad, secretary general, Mohammad Sanavi, executive director of Habilian association and numbers of martyrs children, was informed on Habilian activities against terrorist group and especially Munafeqin; and after that he also expressed some statements on Iraqi government’ attitudes against illegal presence of Munafeqin group.

At the first of meeting, Mr. Hasheminejad expressed his pleasure of Mr. Hamood presence in Iran and also declared that opening of consulate office in Mashhad is a new way into the expansion of ties between Iran and Iraq governments and also a bridge to make the relations of two countries easy. Then he pointed to presence of terrorist groups, which have threatened the security of Iraqi people and neighboring countries, and also Iraq and Iran people sufferings from presence of terrorist groups, especially Munafeqin in Iraq. Habilian secretary general presented a list of 16000 victims, who have been martyred by this terrorist group, and then said: during Saddam regime, Iraq had been changed to a safe base for terrorist groups, especially Munafeqin. Even there is some undeniable evidence and documents that indicate Saddam would has supported them and ordered directly to assassination of some Iranian governmental and military figures. Also these documents indicate that this group has been used against Iraqi Kurdish groups.

Then he explained the international conventions, which obligate the countries of UN to expulsion of terrorists and not giving refugee status to them and after that appreciated Iraq’s decision to expulsion of MKO and also declared that some of their evidently legal claims are illegal.

Mr. Mohammad Hamood, deputy of Iraq foreign minister, expressed his sympathy with Iran people, especially terror martyrs’ families and also reminded that: “terrorist groups from all around the world are in Iraq and in each day tens or hundreds of Iraqi people are assassinated by them, but this point is too significant that since establishment of new government in there, officials demanded to expulsion of them and also they posed this issue to strange forces in Iraq. He also said that they will continue to achieve their goal.

At the end of this meeting, list of 16000 terror victims has been presented to legal deputy

of Iraqi foreign minister to help them to expulsion of Munafeqin from Iraq.

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