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Iraqis Want MKO’s Expulsion

Iraqis want the new government to issue a statement on expelling the members of terrorist MKO from Iraq.

History shows that terrorist MKO had an active role in former Iraqi government. Since its arrival in Iraq, MKO started to conduct former regime’s evil plans against Iraqi people.

After the fall of former regime, Iraqis heard happy news on the expulsion of this group from the country; a decision that was made by interim government but the US forces didn’t allow it.

Today, we live under the shade of a popular government with elected parliament. Despite being threatened by terrorists, Iraqis showed up at polling stations to elect their representatives.

Now, the nation asks members of parliament to expel this organization due to its terrorist records.

We talked to a number of our compatriots to know their ideas about MKO’s expulsion from Iraq:

Sa’doon Jalil said: "Through your magazine, I ask Iraqi officials not to forget the martyrs. They should make a tough decision to expel the terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq from Iraq. In the past, people suffered much from this organization and it’s still a big threat for Iraq.

A man, introducing himself as Doctor Sabih, said: "Interim government’s decision on the issue is clear. It insists on expelling this group from Iraq and it allows Iraqi people to press charges against the leaders of the organization for the crimes they have done. This can be a base for a tougher decision on this organization and I believe that Iraqi parliament (comprised of elected representatives) can make the decision.

Ms. Asra Aziz, from Iraqi National Assembly wants to advocate those who have suffered from former regime and its security organizations: "Mojahedin-e Khalq was a leverage working for former regime’s security and intelligence services. It committed numerous crimes against our nation and making a decision on the expulsion of this organization boosts the decision of interim government and meets the requests of Iraqi people. "

Sheikh Saheb Abbas, cleric from the city of Al-Sho’leh, remembers the crimes of terrorist MKO and says: "I am a witness of MKO crimes. This organization surrounded prayers in Al-Mohsen mosque and the former regime used the members of this organization to beat the prayers and martyr a number of them. Those prayers had gathered to protest the killing of Seyed Mohammed Sadr. I saw foul behavior of Mojahedin with Iraqi people. I don’t know why there’s silence on the presence of this group in our country. This organization is a dirty stain on pure soil of Iraq. Does their presence in Iraq is beneficial for our country? I ask Iraqi officials and our representatives in Iraq National Assembly to issue a decision on the expulsion of this terrorist organization from Iraq. The Assembly should ban all interactions with this group, as ordered in Fatwas of supreme religious leaders."

Mr. Ghassem Hassan, owner of a bookstore in Motnabi Street, expressed his views as follows:

"The presence of this group in Iraq is a threat for Iraq and Iraqis. Despite the decision of interim government, they are still active in Iraq. It seems that it’s beneficial for the US. They want to keep the group in Iraq to do what they desire.

This organization has the capability to work for any devil in order to get to its own goals. They proved this when working for Saddam. It served former regime and denied it after the fall of Saddam, although they used millions of dollars of Iraqis. We Iraqis don’t know why interim government’s decision on the group is not executed. This is what people want."

Majid Ali, referring to the necessity of developing a law for the trial of leaders of MKO in special courts, says: "this organization plundered the properties of Iraqi people. They martyred our compatriot sand conducted anti-human crimes. I ask for the expulsion of this group and trial of its members for their crimes against Iraqis.

At the end of the interview, we found that all Iraqis insist on making a tough decision on MKO expulsion by National Assembly. Iraqi people also asked for the trial of MKO leaders and commanders for their crimes in Iraq. We want Iraqi to be purified from terrorist groups.

Al-Shahid/No. 259

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