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On the anniversary of terrorist attack against the Iranian civilian airliner

The statement of the families of terror victims on the anniversary of terrorist attack against the Iranian civilian airliner by the American cruiser Vincennes

Justice supporters Association (families of terror martyrs of Iran) condemning the terrorist attack against the Iranian civilian jet airliner by the American cruiser Vincennes, considers this criminal act a sign of western countries’, especially US leaders’ negligence of the lives of innocent people.

In this statement we read: on 3 July 1988, Iran Air Flight 655, a civilian jet airliner, shot down by U.S. missiles over the Strait of Hormuz. U.S. Navy’s guided missile cruiser Vincennes, killed all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children, 53 women and 46 nationals of the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Yugoslavia and Italy.

The statement adds: the US government, as the agent of this inhuman act, should claim the responsibility of various terrorist acts against civilians throughout the world. US headmen must know that there are many questions regarding with the sincere support of this country from terrorist groups.

In this statement, the enormous terrorist acts of Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization and murder of 12000 Iranians and also the crimes of Jundullah against Iranian people were reminded. According to the Jundullah ringleader’s confessions and the MKO-related documents, US has supported these terrorist groups; now the question is that what is the relation between fighting against terrorism and at the same time, taking the side of terrorist groups? How can the US leaders respond the families who have lost their dearest ones by these terrorist groups?
Commemorating all the martyrs of terrorism and especially the victims of Iran Air Flight 655 who were victimized by the brutality of the US leaders, we condemn any double political approach by western countries towards terrorism phenomenon and believe that it is an important element in the expansion of terrorism.

At the end, we read: we, the families of more than 17000 victims of terrorism in Iran believe that global fight against terrorism demands an international determination, under whose light we can attain the slogan of “A World without Terrorism”. Western countries should abandon their support from terrorist groups and provide the required ground for trying the leaders of terrorist groups and cults.

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