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On the anniversary of a terrorist attack

On the anniversary of 11 September terrorist incident, and while the world media take positions and analyze the incident from different angles, MKO-run media have purposefully remained silent, as they have all through these years. It is an issue of concern that while the world unanimously condemned the terrorist acts at the time and voted on a universal move to stop any further terrorist plots and still commemorates the victims, MKO has preferred to keep silent. In contrast to its claims of having accepted democratic parameters of the West, MKO’s indifferent position on 9/11 incident indicates its innate duality and its glorification of terrorism.

The testimonies of the ex-members who were still in Camp Ashraf when the incident happened well reveal the strategic and ideological positions of the organization. A number of these ex-members have stated that after the incident, Massoud Rajavi’s manner of behavior had arisen in them a suspicion that the organization might have masterminded the incident. So passionate had Rajavi talked about the inhuman incident that the members had come to believe that Al-Qaeda operation team might have received their training at Camp Ashraf. In a part of his speech Rajavi was quoted to have stated:

What happened reveals only a percentage of the potentialities of an Islamic organization which has adopted the most reactionary concepts of Islam. Imagine how potential and capable our revolutionary Islam might be!

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