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MKO and supporters’ fear causes a question

Worried over the hand over of Camp Ashraf to Iraqi government, Maryam Rajavi said that the action paves the way for the massacre of thousands of MKO members! She asked the human rights advocates to support Mujahedin members in “Ashraf City”!

MKO and supporters’ fear causes a question From the other side Andrew McKinley, an MKO supporter in the British Parliament, via a letter to the State Department, asked the US to guarantee the protection of Ashraf city, stating his deep concern over the case. Besides, twelve European parliamentarians asked the international Red Cross to protect Ashraf residents. It is obvious that these current challenges originated from the deep fear of MKO and its supporter. They don’t try to hide their fear. There is a question: why don’t they ask for Iranian people’s support that they have always claimed to enjoy. Masud Rajavi who has always fantasized to have the position of a political party is not able to show Iranian’s significant support for MKO in the tumult of declining days. Instead of seeking the help of the United States’ authorities and Human Right Communities, why don’t they call for Iranians’ support? If the MKO supporters believe in the lies they repeat every day, about the situation of the group in Iran, they can write a letter to Iranian people and ask them to do something for the cult of Rajavi! They can also ask MKO leaders not to save the support of Iranians for after the military invasion to Iran. Spend it now that you are drowning in your strategy of moving along with American policy.

 Translation:Nejat Society

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