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No Question on MKO’s Extradition to Iran

60 MKO supporters, having gathered before the UNHCR building in Geneva for 100 days, revealed that Iraqi officials have announced that the members of terrorist MKO in Camp Ashraf can stay in Iraq only until the end of this year (45 days from now) and that after this date they should leave Iraq.

British supporters of the MKO, the major assets for the group after the fall of Saddam Hussein whose efforts to preserve Saddam’s mercenaries have all failied, met the representatives of UNHCR and Red Cross on November 14 and asked for recognition of MKO members as refugees in Iraq. It seems that there has been no change in the stance of these two international organizations toward the MKO. They have declared that Iraqi government should decide about the issue.

Iraqi government has examined the legal aspects of the issue and it has possibly taken advantage of the views of these two international organizations as well as the US in its decision.

The whole positions by the Iraqi government and these two international organizations show that there’s a consensus on expulsion of MKO and that’s why Mohammed Mohaddessin, the spokesman for this terrorist group in Europe, has said that MKO members will be executed in the case they are extradited to Iran!

This is also an old excuse, which can’t help the group anymore. Europeans have stopped granting asylum to those who claim there’s security concerns in Iran; some European countries have even decided to expel those who could get refugee status by such claims.

Mohaddessin’s claims, on the other hand, indicate that there’s no other option for MKO except extraditing them to Iran.

Irandidban –  2006/11/16

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