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The Parliament Determined to Expel MKO

The MKO-run media are still busy covering the reports that thousands of Iraqis from Diyala province and north and south of Iraq gathered in Camp Ashraf on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization and to support its presence in Iraq. Two days later, on Monday, the Iraqi parliament announced that it is taking certain measures to expel the organization.

Reported by Voices of Iraq (VOI), the Iraqi parliament on Monday discussed the presence of the Iranian Mujahdeen Khalq organization (MKO) in Iraqi territories. Stated by Mohammad al-Samerae, a number of parliament’s members presented a request to bring MKO out of Iraq, describing it as a "terrorist organization".

Sami al-Askari from the Shiite UIC also described MKO as "terrorist according to the international standards". Legislator Layla Kadhem said "the organization is being listed on the terrorist organizations list and its activities are banned in many countries in the world."

According to a quoted media source from the parliament, "There is a request presented by 104 members to bring the organization out of Iraq".

Sheikh Khaled al-Attia at the end of the Monday debates announced that the parliament can take certain measures to expel the organization, to deal with it according to the law and to form a joint committee from the security, defense, legal and foreign affairs committees to follow this issue with the government. The organization is one of the groups that form the National Council for Iranian Opposition.

Mojahedin.ws – 20/06/2007

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