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MKO and the US presidential election

The US forthcoming presidential election has turned to feed MKO’s propaganda machine in its antagonizing position against Iranian regime. The group seems to be walking onto the front of the republican candidate Duncan Hunter because he is showing more hostile attitude toward Iran. Reported by Reuters earlier, republican candidates for U.S. president have agreed that Iran must not develop atomic weapons even if a tactical nuclear strike is needed to stop it and accused Democrats of being soft on the issue.

MKO’s media releases make no hesitation to report that Mr. Hunter has been more direct on the issue of Iran, saying the United States has reserved the right to dissuade Iran militarily.

"I would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons if there was no other way to preempt those particular centrifuges," he said, while noting it could probably be done with conventional weapons.

In contrast to MKO’s advertised position that the group disapproves the military solution to stop Iran’s claimed peaceful nuclear program, its recent position well indicates that, as a terrorist group, it can never abandon hostile and military option against Iran and is a strong advocate of whoever supports the idea.

Mojahedin.ws – 12/6/2007



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