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MKO and the French presidential candidate

On 20 November 2006, the she-guru of Mojahedin cult, Maryam Rajavi, congratulated Mrs. Segolene Royal on her victory as the Socialist Party’s candidate for the 2007 French presidential elections.

In her message of congratulation, Rajavi, certainly coming upon some senses of personal and political similarity, addressed her saying that “the participation of women in political leadership is a necessary condition for the establishment of democracy. This choice of the Socialists may be an indication of the electoral direction of the people of France as a whole”.

Mrs. Segolene has, however, shown no clear position concerning the cult since any indication of supporting a proscribed terrorist group, whose case is still open in the French counter-terrorist court, might be a gamble on her presidential victory. The silence seems to have emboldened the group to take a much daring step.

Early this week, a number of sympathizers, a majority of whom were hired-activists, gathered in front of the French National Assembly in Paris to urge the French presidential candidates, mainly Mrs. Segolene, to protest against the position of the French government within the EU Council of Ministers that intends to maintain the MKO in the terror list.

Does MKO really need to spend such big sums of money to buy a vote of acquittal? The best and easiest way is to present sound evidences that controvert the EU reasons for its inclusion in the list!


mojahedin.ws –  26/04/2007

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