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MEK family members talked to administrative assistant of Presidential Office in Iraq

On Sunday, February 3rd, 2008, a number of family members and relatives of MEK members residing in Camp Ashraf as a delegate of a large number of such families visited Mr. Nazar Muhammad Saieed, the administrative director of Mr. Jalal Talibani’s office. These individuals, who were hosted warmly by Mr. Saieed, explained their problems for meeting their beloved ones.

During the meeting, the visitors, describing the troubles and obstacles MKO created against those who want to meet their family members in Camp Ashraf, stressed that they are willing to meet them in Bagdad ,out of the organizational atmosphere of MKO, without any intermediate ,for at least three days. The other problem presented in the meeting was that of defectors who left the organization or will leave it in the future. The representatives describing the funny tricks and futile efforts of MKO to represent them as terrorists, asked Iraqi President and government to protect their lives and provide required cooperation in order to help these defectors leave the camp and reach a safe place. They also presented a number of documents proving MKO’s terrorist operations in Iranian cities, violation of members’  human rights, cooperation with Saddam Hussein to oppress Iraqi people and submitted a complaint letter signed by 350 former members of MKO for Iraqi President. In Addition, they submitted a version of Arrest Warrant for Mojgan Parsaee, Sediqeh Husseinie and Abbas Davari, in order to reinforce the execution of the ruling .

They confirmed that their objective is totally to make sure of the condition of their beloved ones that if they are in a healthy physical and mental condition having the free will to choose and act. They also asked that their concerns on the destination of their children who are under the brainwashing and manipulating inspirations and terrorist trainings, would be brought to Iraqi President and state and authorities,

Mr., Nazar Saieed promising to do anything the presidential office is capable of and stressing the terrorist nature of MKO stated that the case is completely related to human rights.

Explaining that MKO’s leadership has also bloody hands of Iraqi people’s blood as well as Iranians, he noted that MKO is one of the problems that former dictator left for our nation. He pointed that Iraqi state and people won’t tolerate the presence of MKO, a foreign terrorist organization.

Finally, the mujahedin’s family members appreciated the hospitality of the director of presidential office.


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