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US Presidential election and PMOI’s vague future

The US presidential election ended with the victory of Barak Obama. The case was largely reflected in the world due to its crucial value.


The change in the ruling party in the US will absolutely influence the US foreign politics but the fate of other countries won’t undergo large changes because they will try to adjust their new relations.


Here, only the dependent movements including MEK/PMOI might undergo unexpected changes. MKO’s vain hope on warmongers of the US and its propaganda show that this reliant movement plays no independent part in its own fate.


According to Masud Rajavi’s analysis, the warmonger party of the US administration should have prepared the preliminaries for military invasion to Iran so as after the overthrow of the Islamic Regime Masud Rajavi and his wife Maryam could achieve the power in Iran. This bad-omen dream shows the dependence of the cult on foreign countries rather than seeming unrealistic. 


In fact, the dependent political movements of Iran have two main characteristics:


First, the reliance on foreign support has an old history (MKO/PMOI has been supported by Saddam Hussein for three decades)


Second; the fate of these dependent movements is unexpected. Their fate depends on decisions made by the supporters and their agreements with the group’s enemies.


Today the same dangers threaten Mujahidin’s Cult, Today that the US forces in Iraq are facing a lot of problems of which one is the MKO/PMOI that was supposed to serve CIA as a “ good terrorist “ organization but the cases in Iraq make MKO’s fate ambiguous.


MKO’s baseless propaganda and its dramatic activities including the support of millions of Iraqi people for MKO/PMOI, or the support of Iraqi tribal leaders who are still loyal to Saddam, will not have any influence on MKO’s future.

Translation: Nejat Society

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