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MEK Member Caught in Drone Footage While Burning Sensitive Documents

MEK Member Caught in Drone Footage While Burning Sensitive Documents

State Police has published video from this Tuesday’s action in the MEK camp in Manez, Durrës. In the drone footage, MEK members are seen trying to burn some documents inside the camp when the police intervened.

Ministry of the Interior rejected the claims of MEK members, who stated that one person died as a result of the actions of the police.

“We are waiting for the forensic expertise. Not even one person was touched by the police. We will wait for the medical-legal expertise to come to conclusions, but I am convinced that we have taken due care, so as not to create incidents inside the camp”, said Çuçi.

According to Minister Cuci, MEK members have violated the agreement made years ago with Albania, in order for them to be sheltered in our country. They agreed in 2014 to stay in Albania only for humanitarian reasons and not to engage in domestic and foreign politics.

Moreover, Minister Cuci noted that Mujahideen people also broke the hospitality code as they attacked Albania Police, at a time when they had agreed to respect laws just like any other Albanian citizen.

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In the end, he emphasized that Albania is not considering to put an end to the agreement for Mujahideen’s sheltering, but he asked them to reflect and ne ready to respect laws.

On the other hand, General Director of State Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku told more details from police action. He declared that together with other police senior directors, they had a meeting with leaders of MEK Camp, informing them for the action to be held. They have agreed to the controls, but when police entered the Camp, there were objections by some of the members. Police still asked the leaders of the camp to calm down the protesters, but the leaders refused to do so. Then the police proceeded with the protocol, by using tear gas in order for protesters to retreat.

Furthermore, State Police Director underlined that 15 policemen were injured by Mujahideen’s actions, who fortunately have left hospital and they are in good condition.

Rrumbullaku explained that 96 computer devices were seized together with some documents, despite the fact that MEK members burnt some of the papers, taking advantage of the tensions created by other Iranian citizens who were opposing police actions.

In the end, he warned verification of security cameras, in order to identify those who committed violent actions against the Police, who may be escorted to Police Station and measures will be taken against them.

On Tuesday morning, hundreds of Albanian police forces, including special forces, entered MEK Camp, following an order of the Special Court for controls. There are suspicions that some people there have committed cybersecurity activity within the camp, that’s why the Special Court ordered the controls as the Special Prosecution has launched an investigation.

On the other hand, Mujahideen claim that one of their members lost his life due to police unprovoked violence. However, the Prosecution has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the death of the citizen in question, as the Albanian authorities strongly oppose having committed violence or other illegal actions.


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