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MKO burning documents at Camp Ashraf

The Dideban Strategic Institute says the remaining members of the Mojahadin Khalq MKO burning documents at Camp AshrafOrganization in Camp Ashraf are destroying documents related to the group’s terrorist activities.
According to a person who has staged a sit-in in front of the camp, the smell of burnt papers has been filling the air over the last nights which shows a huge amount of papers are being burnt out, the institute said in a report.

These people are also selling the property to customers at a discount of 40 percent, the institute’s correspondent in Iraq says.

The properties were given to the terrorist group during the Saddam regime as a reward for their mercenary acts.

The last big batch of the MKO left Camp Ashraf in northeast Iraq and arrived at Camp Liberty on Baghdad’s outskirts on September 16.

The MKO have carried out assassinations and bombings in Iran. Several thousand of its members were given sanctuary in Iraq by Saddam Hussein.

Camp Liberty was designed as a compromise way-station for the UN to speed the MKO members out of Iraq.

On September 28, the U.S. State Department formally removed the MKO from its official list of terrorist organizations, a move which prompted angry response from Iran.

The U.S. made the decision under the claim that the group has renounced violence.

Iranian Majlis speaker Ali Larijani recently said that the MKO is an accomplice in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. He also said the decision showed that Washington is paying lip service to the campaign against terrorism.

In a commentary published in the Tehran Times on October 8, the former Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Kazemi Qomi said that the United States’ decision will have no impact on the public perception of the group as a notorious terrorist entity.

He stated that the move was a carbon copy of what the European Union did several years ago. He also said it is a clear example of the double standards the U.S. government applies in dealing with the issue of terrorism.

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