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When Will MKO Swing into Action?

Even after being removed from the blacklist MKO has not actually got any job done

In one of the famous fables of the storyteller, Aesop, it goes: “A very deep and frightening sound began emanating from Mount Ida (the birthplace of Zeus). The earth commenced to tremble and shake — and huge boulders flew off the mountain top into the sky.

It seemed as if the mountain was about to give birth.”

“The population was terrified and ran for shelter — trembling in fear.”

“The sky blackened and the thunderous sound from the sacred mountain became even worse. Finally, an earthquake more violent than any ever-before it, set everything in motion — and in one terrifying moment, the mountain’s peak split wide open!”

“The people all got down on their knees and began to pray. Some fainted from fear. Others couldn’t take their eyes off the mountain — wondering how this terror would end.”

“Suddenly the roaring, the shaking, and the shocks just stopped. The whole Aegean region went silent.”

“Then, slowly, and with hardly a whisper of sound… out of the huge cleft in the mountain peak there slowly emerged… a tiny little mouse.”

A flashback to the decade-long campaign by Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO/MEK/PMOI to be removed from the global terrorist lists, and particularly after the controversial POAC’s judgment to be removed from the EU blacklist, had convinced many misinformed that the world was neglecting and depriving itself of the great dormant potentiality in a pro-democratic organization! In fact, the political life of MKO especially after Massoud Rajavi’s retreat to hideout to let his phoenix of democracy, Maryam Rajavi, to hold sway a democratic tactic after a long frantic phase of terrorism, heavily depended on propaganda ploys. And it was following a rather long propaganda doldrums that the UK court ruling granted the organization‘s propaganda machine a recovering opportunity.

It started all with celebrating the court ruling along with Maryam Rajavi who in turn began extravagant performances of welcoming the decision and sending messages of congratulations. The scenario continued with repetitive, lengthy TV shows and analysis programs with a variety of analysts who suddenly turned to be experts in law and judiciary affairs. Practically, nothing great came out of the big drum they were beating.

And the greatest and final victory was achieved only a few weeks ago when the Department of Stale removed MKO from the global FTO. Then, what? A look at the group’s own TV and websites reveals nothing but jubilant drumming of being removed, celebrations and congratulations and welcoming of delisting by this and that dignitary and party. Just like many similar politicians and parties, regardless of their political weight and influence to cause any change, who promise big things and who bellow and roar but who don’t actually get the job done. Out of the all these brouhahas, lobbying activities and million dollar expenses many expected to see a single or tiny portion of countless promises for restoration of democracy and human rights, as the group claimed, fulfilled. The more we have waited the less we have seen a pup mouse emerging, let alone a tiny little mouse!

By N. Morgan

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