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Call for Action against MKO delisting

Despite rising concerns about the impact of Mujahedin Khalq’s lobbying campaign to get removed from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations of the State Department, the group’s well-paid advocates in Washington D.C do not bother to know about the group more closely.
Regrettably, the MKO’s propaganda and its fierce lobby did succeed to get delisted from the European list in 2009 thanks to the funds they had paid European parliamentarians for many years.

It’s now time to take action against the group’s deceitful propaganda in the U.S.
Fortunately,the MKO is seriously getting hammered in US media. And, as people who suffered the worst experience within the cult of Rajavi, we call all freedom lovers from all over the world to leave their comments on US State Department website to prevent the removal of the MKO from the black list. Let’s illuminate the minds of US authorities about the true substance of this destructive cult.

Link of the related page on the US State Department Website:


You may want to leave your comment under the topic of “U.S. Foreign Policy “and Subject of “Stop delisting the MEK”

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