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MKO defectors take action in Tirana

Defectors of the Mujahedin Khalq organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) protested in Tirana, Albania.

About forty former members of the MKO gathered in Eskandar Beik square in Tirana to call on High Commissioner of Refugees to accomplish its responsibilities regarding the defectors of the group. They took action against the HCR that used to recognize them as refugees until they were members of the MKO but stopped its aids immediately after they left the group

“We have a lot of health and financial issues,” the defectors proclaimed. “We wasted twenty to thirty years of our life in the MKO under the poorest condition. Why don’t the HCR and the Albanian authorities care for our judiciary status as refugees?”

Protesters’ main demands are the followings:

  1.  They want their refugee status to be recognized by the HCR otherwise they should be allowed to leave Albanian territory.
  2.  They ask the HCR office in Albania to send their refuge documents to the authorities of the European Union and the office of Federika Mogherini.
  3. They ask for legal and financial independence in Albania since the HCR is diverting its duties on the MKO authorities.
  4. They ask for legal permission to visit their families. (They were not allowed to visit their families for the dozen of years they were in the MKO)

Citizens of Tirana passing by the peaceful protesters offered sympathy to them after they read their placards. The action was covered by the Albanian News media and TV reporters interviewed the protesters.

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