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Maryam Rajavi’s background and experience

While I was browsing Maryam Rajavi’s website, which was totally including lie, treason and anti-nation items, I came across a question :”who is Maryam Rajavi?”

The answer included a bunch of lies. They portraited Maryam Rajavi as a saint, the best woman in the whole world! What was the truth? Maryam Rajavi’s background and experience as an MKOblank member refered to that of her sister Narges Qajar Azdanlou who according to the journal Partow Iran, swallowed a cyanide capsule following her clash with the Shah’s agents a few years before the Islamic revolution. Maryam Azdanlou (Rajavi) was lucky to enjoy the advantages of a revolutionary leader who hoisted the flag of her so-called resistance in order to break a new record of massacre of generations.

She dedicated her personal, emotional life to make female members barren and to sacrifice male members for The Cult of Rajavi.

Launching her ideological revolution in the late 20th century, Maryam Rajavi took her cult to the darkest days of middle ages. She suppressed any freedom not only in Ashraf prisons but also in members’ family and personal life.

Maryam Rajavi points the sharp edge of her cruelty blade toward women in Camp Ashraf. In order to maintain her cult, she has no way except depriving people from their freedom. She has even theorized the issue claiming that the human’s substance was originated in evil and corruption so people’s massacre would be a blessing for them. She succeeded to inject this disappointment to her cult members.

Maryam Rajavi’s historical character signifies a woman who is completely different from ordinary women. She is incredibly a massacre lover who makes women barren to remove the least hope for future family life in their minds.

When in 2003 she was arrested by French Police, she was imprisoned for 15 days but she was never treated badly or tortured but her supporters called her as Iranian Jean d’arc.
Jean d’arch was a girl who fought for the freedom and independence of her nation. She tolerated torture and imprisonment. How can Maryam Rajavi be compared with Jean d’arc? What part of her life is similar to that of Jean d’arc?

Rajavi’s sympathizers also compare her with Martin Luther King whose acts can never be compared with Maryam Rajavi’s crimes. The followings are some of her criminal acts:
Maryam Rajavi issues orders to physically remove certain members based on faked reasons.

Maryam Rajavi forbids the members captured in Camp Ashraf from visiting their families. She verbally abuses the families who are wiling to visit their children.
Maryam Rajavi forces the captured members of Ashraf to attend her TV shows in order to swear at their families.

Following her so-called ideological revolution, Maryam Rajavi sent dissident members to Abu Qoraib prison, Iraq. She launched a massacre, she brainwashed teenagers in order to be mobilized to Iran to launch terrorist operations. She manipulated members’ minds in order to commit self-immolation in case the organization is in need.
She ordered her removal teams to abandon the dissident members on mine fields to be killed; otherwise they had to be shot.

She launched a human disaster in Camp Ashraf on July 28th when a number of members were caused to be killed.

Today Maryam Rajavi is extremely happy with new sanctions imposed on Iranian nation. She is proud of her treasons against her fellow men.

Today she sheds crocodile tears for families of political prisoners in Iran but she doesn’t let the families who have been waiting at Ashraf gates for four months, visit their beloved ones.

To exaggerate the number of her sympathizers, she hires innocent Afghan, Pakistani … refugees to attend MKO meetings to raise the number of participants. She orders her followers to molest defectors of her cult because she is terrified of their enlightening denunciation.

After the collapse of her former land lord Saddam Hussein, Maryam Rajavi fled to France to kiss the feet of her new western supporters.

Translated by Nejat Society

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