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The Real Interpretation of the Ending Paragraph of Masud’s Last Message

Although the main origin of the message issued by Rajavi is seriously doubted and due to many reasons it is believed to be forged and fabricated, both Mojahedin and their opponents agree that the message related to Rajavi has been a vital response to the need of group’s forces.

To view Mojahedin’s confession to this need you can consider their several articles they put on their websites. Also it seems that they don’t insist on denying such a need.

But in this article we still review the proper message rather than viewing the need of Mujahedin or the forgery of the message.

In the last paragraph of his last message Rajavi says:

"Our last words, like the first words, are again to the hero people of Iran and all the people eager for the freedom and independence of Iran territory, all those who share the same opinion and practice for republic, democracy and Iranian’s ruling Iran far from religious dictatorship and Velayat Faqih totalitarian regime."

In 1990, after Rajavi realized that he ‘s forced to a locked cul-de-sac in Iraq and had no way out, he inquired his European partners ( who ,during the war ,had supported the group variously, for a decade) but they remind him explicitly that they couldn’t continue supporting a terrorist group any more.

In order to open their locked situation the Europeans suggested some solutions of which if the MEK could have used successfully, the way would have been paved for the west to use MEK. One suggestion was the alliance with monarchists, nationalists and even communists and finally shifting the so-called National Council of Resistance of Iran from its impractical form.

Since Rajavi believes that the competition with other alternative claiming groups is much more serious than fighting Islamic Regime, with his plan of "solidarity Front" he has resorted to a formality pretending that he has put that suggestion in to practice, but he is well aware that no solidarity will be achieved between his group and other groups. As Mehdi Samè said:" we called for solidarity, now it’s the others’ turn to welcome our call, but we see no one."!

Therefore," Solidarity Front" has practically become a slogan which is a winning card in Rajavi’s hand to offer the Western countries claiming his old claim that no other opposition is on the scene except MKO and also respond the expect of some supporters and members of MKO relying on the necessity of alliance with other oppositions.

In practice the action has changed into its opposite since the West understood the MEK’s deceit and that Rajavi hasn’t done any activity except contacting some singers who were related to the right wing and originally from monarchist groups"

A lot of individuals and groups in order to associate with MKO declared their conditions which ended with the critics to MKO’s ideology and relations. Thus it was disgraced more and more.

With the presupposition that " democracy is at my hand",Rajavi considered no need to change his relationships but continually followed his formalistic method in Los Angeles and Washington resorting to the least famous singers ( such as Masud Amini and Saeed Mohammadi) but they also sat down finally because they realized the indecency of cooperation with a traitor, anti-Iranian group and declared their regret of their past activities.

Approximately after the American statement was issued, MEK deeply realized that one of the reasons that the West has always called them " undemocratic ",is the lack of possibility of cooperation with other oppositions especially Monarchists. Thus, to open a way to cooperate with other groups is always considered a vital necessity for MKO and Rajavi has found out that lack of acceptance of MKO by other groups or individuals is so influential on Western thinking. That’s why he discusses the matter of "National Solidarity" from time to time."

From the other side, Rajavi tries slyly to prevent from paying the price of such cooperation since he knows that the price of this alliance ends to be dissolved in one front so that necessarily they should desist from their undemocratic methods to which their life is dependant.

Therefore MEK, like many other situations and crisis they are captured in, suffer from a substantial contradiction and an insoluble contrast. Rajavi’s policies are stuck in a cul-de-sac.

The bottom line is that the last paragraph (issued by any person) denounces a serious entreaty to receive aid. The call affirms the benefit Mujahedin used at the beginning of American invasion including the support of other groups or individuals during that critical period. This time understanding the serious decision of Iraqi officials to expel MKO, Rajavi does his best deceitfully to use this potentiality for his bankrupt group.

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