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Rajavi’s Interesting Interpretation of Justice and Victory

French judiciary thrown out terrorism and money laundering charges against members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO). As the case against the MKO was closed, the group propaganda called it a “legal victory” and “a victory for justice”.

In 2003, after Maryam Rajavi along with 165 of her followers were arrested by French Police, France’s counterintelligence chief at the time, Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, said the crackdown was aimed at preventing attacks on Iranian diplomatic missions in Europe and elsewhere. He said that the MKO was transforming their compound in Auver Sur d’Oise, Paris, into “an operational center for terrorism,” after losing firepower in Iraq when the US disarmed them.

Considering the large amounts of money – about 9 million dollars – found in the MKO Parisian base, the money laundering accusation was not so deniable but the bizarre long-lasting investigation process –for eleven years– might change the path to justice and might involve a lot of other parameters. Moreover, the trial that begins with terrorism, money laundering and spying accusations, and which ends in
acquittal of those who are charged with the crimes, cannot be so credible.

 It is crystal clear that eleven years of lobbying and spending huge amounts of money to get lawyers and consultants manipulates the administration of justice.

However, for the time being, legal culpability or acquittal of the MKO in Western courts does not seem to be so important since the West has a double standard toward to terrorism and divides terrorism into bad and good. For instance, the Syrian opposition group – that were linked with ISIS from the beginning – were at first supported financially, politically and militarily by the west,  but now that the West sees its interests at stake by these Islamic extremists of the Islamic State group ,it forms coalition against it. The same approach is used about the MKO. Depending on its function in the Iran-West relations, the MKO has had different roles for the past three decades. However, the entire contradictions about the Wests’ attitude regarding the MKO never changes the violent cult-like substance of the group.

Actually justice is defined by the individuals who are still banned behind the bars of the MKO cult structure. It is defined by thousands of civilians who have been victims of violence of the Cult of Rajavi. Justice should be defined by women who were abused in filthy relations of Massoud Rajavi’s cult of personality. Violated women’s rights should be investigated in the new Press TV documentary, “Comrades in Arms”. (The documentary shows how women of the MKO were manipulated to devote their soul and body to the cult leader, Massoud.)

 Justice and legitimacy should be sought in tears of parents who died before their dreams of visiting their loved ones in Ashraf came true.

In her alleged celebration for “victory”, Maryam Rajavi makes fun of “terrorism accusation” while documents of the MKO’s violent history are even available on its own journals. The MKO’s propaganda and media have always glorified their terrorist acts against the Iranian civilians and officials.

The group’s violent past is undeniable. The last example of the MKO’s support for terrorism was obviously seen in the group’s propaganda website.  When Iraqi strategic city, Mosul was seized by the ISIS forces a few months ago, the MKO hailed and praised the occupiers calling their atrocities, ”uprising of Iraqi revolutionaries and tribes”! The MKO congratulated extremist occupiers while Iraqi state and people were awfully concerned and shocked by destructive, bloody acts of the ISIS.

Definitely, the truthfulness of a movement is determined by its positions, acts and the public support it enjoys. As a matter of fact, the MKO cult has taken hostile positions against Iranian nation for over three decades, by siding with Saddam Hussein in the 8 year war against Iran or spying and operating terror acts for Israelis against Iranian scientists.

 To investigate the extent of public support for the MKO in Iran, one should simply read the reports of the US government on the group such as RAND report and the report of the US State Department for Patterns of Global Terrorism.

Victory means winning people’s hearts and minds realizing justice and truth for the same people. But, Mujahedin e Khalq do not enjoy the least support by the Iranians inside Iran. Besides, they are not able to accomplish human rights and justice for their own members inside the Cult.

Mazda Parsi

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