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Maryam Rajavi’s false victory

Three years ago, as part of the ongoing investigation into their alleged terrorist activities by the French anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, restrictions were placed on Maryam Rajavi and sixteen of her MKO/NCRI colleagues. The restrictions were essentially that these individuals should not have contact with one another and that travel outside France was forbidden. Naturally, the French prosecution office did not want to jeopardize such a serious investigation by the accused having private conversations and/or travelling to unknown destinations.

Every month after that, the NCRI were in court attempting to overturn the ruling on appeal. Now, after three years, the investigation has progressed, huge files on each of the accused have been prepared and the start of their trials is imminent. Since the restrictions are no longer necessary, they have been lifted. None of the charges against the accused have been dropped or changed. In fact, according to reliable sources, the evidence gathered over the past three years is so damning that the prosecution office are no longer seeking further evidence.

Yet, in spite of this situation, Maryam Rajavi has hailed the lifting of these restrictions as a major victory for the National Council of Resistance (aka Mojahedin-e Khalq). She has done this in the circumstance that Camp Ashraf is on the verge of collapse and dismantlement, and in the realization that no replacement can be found for Saddam Hussein to sponsor and support her mercenary group. Her every effort is geared toward convincing the members of her cult – including some western politicians – that the Mojahedin is still a viable entity and has a future.

For years – since 1997 in fact – Maryam Rajavi has been asking for her organisation to be removed from global terrorist lists on the grounds that she is trying to expose the human rights violations of the mullahs’ regime. In spite of this – which of course every major international organisation is already successfully involved with – she still cannot and will not definitively and unambiguously denounce violence as her only means to achieve power in Iran.

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