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Maryam Rajavi – the real message following the Haiti disaster

Maryam Rajavi, number one wife of cult leader Massoud Rajavi, who escaped from Iraq in 2003 just before the allied invasion, issued a statement from her residence in Auvers-sur-Oise today. Rajavi offered her condolences to the people of Haiti.

On the surface one could assume that Rajavi is playing her role as the ‘president-elect of the new Iran’. A closer reading of this incongruous message will expose the real message Rajavi is passing to her followers.

A source inside the Mojahedin organisation’s headquarters in the affluent Paris suburb has reported that the earthquake in Haiti has been tagged as a fundraising opportunity.

In an Open Letter to British PM Gordon Brown, Massoud Khodabandeh of Leeds based MESC Ltd, warned that the MKO’s use of London as the base for its satellite and financial had cast doubt on the UK’s stance toward terrorism.

Now the MKO financial heads are being urged to use the Haiti disaster to fundraise for the group’s own use. In 1998 the Charity Commission closed the Iran Aid charity because it could not be proved that the funds were actually being used for the purpose for which they were raised.

Under the patronage of western supporters, the MKO’s bogus charity was immediately reinvented under other names – in particular those fundraising for Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Over the years Iran Aid had claimed to be fundraising for various disasters – earthquakes, floods, and war. None of the money reached these victims but was used to help fund the MKO’s violent activities against the Iranian nation.

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