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Targeting a ‘terrorist group’

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Reader’s Reply: Targeting a ‘terrorist group’

Original Article: Iranian Americans Rally for a Different Approach Jan. 20, 2006

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Targeting a ‘terrorist group’


‘ font-size: 10pt”>It is sad to read about the Mujahedin Khalq organization (a.k.a. MEK, MKO, NCRI and several other names) in that the terrorist group is portrayed as the representative of a quarter of a million Iranian Americans. The group was in charge of killing several Americans during the shah’s regime in Iran. Its ideology is a mixture of Islam and Marxism. The group is run like a cult, in that the "holy" leaders (Maryam and Massoud Rajavi) must be obeyed at all costs, even if this means sacrificing families and children.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>In 1980s and ’90s, the group’s leaders forced members to abandon their children to come to military camps in Iraq to participate in fighting the Iraqi Shiite uprising alongside Saddam Hussein’s troops. It is no exaggeration to say that more than 95% of Iranians and Iraqis, both in their native countries and in the U.S., abhor the organization and are puzzled by the fact that some U.S. politicians sympathize with this terrorist group. More shocking is the Pentagon’s move to provide it with a haven in Iraq for potential future attacks on Iranian soil.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>I guess terrorist groups can be supported by the Pentagon whenever the goals justify the means.

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‘ font-size: 10pt”>Los Angeles

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Here we present paragraphes of mentioned article:

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Iranian Americans Rally for a Different Approach

‘ font-size: 10pt”>By Nick Timiraos, Times Staff Writer

‘ font-size: 10pt”>http://www.latimes.com/news/

‘ font-size: 10pt”>WASHINGTON —….

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The Iranians demonstrated as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice demanded that the United Nations take action against Tehran for its nuclear development ambitions.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>"We’ve been very clear that we believe that the time has come for a referral of Iran to the Security Council," Rice said. "The Iranians have been given every opportunity to find a way to a solution…. They have not taken those opportunities."

‘ font-size: 10pt”>…The People’s Mujahedin, also known as Mujahedin Khalq, or MEK, was added to the State Department’s terrorist list in 1997 after attacks inside Iran. Some of the attacks were directed toward Americans, U.S. officials charge. But the group’s supporters, including many members of Congress, dispute the grounds for the terrorist designation.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>At Thursday’s rally, Iranian Americans from across the country demanded a change in U.S. policy toward the MEK, a step they said would allow the group to pursue internal resistance in Iran.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>…In a video shown at the rally, Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista) supported the call to remove the MEK from the list.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Rice, in remarks Wednesday, said the administration’s position on the MEK "has not changed."….

‘ font-size: 10pt”>Iran’s new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, supports the Islamic regime’s push on nuclear research, arguing that the country has the right under international law to pursue a peaceful nuclear energy program.

‘ font-size: 10pt”>…"We are not looking for a war or military action from the West. We don’t want financial support," said Shirin Nariman, of the Council for Democratic Change in Iran, which planned the rally. "We are merely asking for a third option, to support a democratic regime change in Iran."

‘ font-size: 10pt”>"The MEK is the only opposition group that Tehran fears," said Raymond Tanter, a visiting professor at Georgetown University.

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‘ font-size: 10pt”>LA Times online edition, January 2006

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