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The Stain of Supporting Saddam

The murderous gang of Rajavi condemned the hanging of its major supporter- whom they called "spiritual father"- and since his crimes were so high that even this murderous gang can’t openly support him, they claimed the history will judge this issue!

With the exposure of Saddam’s plans for massacring Kurds, which is only one of numerous horrible crimes of this man, all those who supported him found themselves labeled as supporters of massacring and "crimes against humanity".

What was admonitory was about the fate of opportunist gang of Rajavi, which was trying (with the assistance of Saddam’s lawyers) to accuse Iran in order to divert the case of murdering 180000 Iraqi Kurds.

Last year, Saddam’s French lawyer Emanuel Lodeux falsely quoted Iran’s ambassador to France that Iran was going to blame the MKO for Halabja bombing! (the operation the MKO was not capable of performing, even if ordered to do).

Following the complaints of former Iranian ambassador to France, this lawyer and a number of Saddam’s lawyers repeated this lie this time quoting it falsely from Iranian embassy in Jordan.

After Saddam execution and the noise Baathists and his supporters made, Khalil al-Dulaimi, the head of Saddam’s lawyers team, repeated the lies.

However, now that undeniable evidences on Chemical Ali’s case have been presented- which show that Saddam mocks the world’s response to killing the Kurds by Chemical weapons, the world knows how inhumane Saddam and his supporters are.

The gang of Rajavi was trying during past 3 years to disassociate itself from Saddam and claimed of being independent. However, following the execution of former dictator, they acted in line with Baathists’ policies to spread propaganda against Iran.

Thinking that after Saddam no one will investigate their crimes and understanding the colonial policies of the occupiers to stoke the fire between Shiites-Sunnis on one hand and Arabs-Persians on the other, MKO came to the scene with full power and devoted its satellite TV channel as well as internet websites to praising Saddam Hussein the murderer. They had closed their eyes on all Saddam’s crimes including the massacre of 250000 Iranians, 10000 Shiites and Sunnis and inflicting thousands of billions of dollars of damages to the people of region. But now that the plan for exterminating Kurds has been exposed, they should come and reveal their real nature.

Yesterday, newswires (quoting Reuters from the court of Saddam’s associates) reported about the exposure of documents on Saddam’s plans to exterminate Kurds with chemical weapons. The report said:

Saddam Hussein and his cousin "Chemical Ali" discussed killing thousands with chemical weapons before unleashing them on Kurds in 1988, according to tapes played on Monday in a trial of former Iraqi officials.

"I will strike them with chemical weapons and kill them all," a voice identified by prosecutors as that of Majeed, Saddam’s cousin and a senior aide, is heard saying.

"Who is going to say anything? The international community? A curse on the international community!" the voice continued.

"Yes, it’s effective, especially on those who don’t wear a mask immediately, as we understand," another voice, identified as that of Saddam, is heard saying on another tape.

"Sir, does it exterminate thousands?" a voice asks back.

Prosecutors said 180,000 people were killed, many of them gassed. Chief prosecutor Munqith al-Faroon also played on Monday video showing women and children lying dead on village streets and mountain slopes after what he said was a chemical attack ordered by Saddam.

Irandidban –  2007/01/10

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