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Tancredo supporting MEK terrorists

Tom Tancredo’s Support for the Mujahedin -e Khalq (MEK) Terrorist Organization

Many in the anti-illegal immigration movement admired Rep. Tom Tancredo when he stood up to the Mexican government and told them to stop meddling in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns =”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”>U.S. affairs. Tancredo rightly told Mexican officials that they have no business dictating U.S. immigration policy. Mexican officials objected to possible U.S. legislation that would arrest illegals and fine and/or deport them…:namespace prefix = o ns =”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”>

It is unfortunate that Rep. Tom Tancredo doesn’t follow his own advice. Like so many other U.S. officials he doesn’t want foreign intrusion into U.S. affairs, but he doesn’t have a problem with interfering in other nations’ affairs.

Below is a letter that Rep. Tom Tancredo sent to the French government imploring them to stop arresting and deporting a certain group of illegal immigrants. Not only are these people illegal immigrants in the country of France, but they are also members of a known terrorist organization called the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK). The MEK is also sometimes referred to as MKO, PMOI Rajavi Cult or Pol Pot of Iran. Tancredo also sent a copy of the same letter to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (MEK U.S. front group) demonstrating his full support for them.

Tancredo thinks it is ok to dictate another nation’s immigration and security policy. The Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization or the MEK are listed as a terrorist group by the United States and dozens of other countries, including all of our western allies and eastern allies such as the U.K., Germany, France, Japan and Australia.  See the U.S. list of Terrorist Organizations: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/45323.pdf down until you see Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) listed.Scroll

What are the criteria for a group being classified as a FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization)? The U.S. State Department has three main criteria for designating a group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization: 1) It must be a foreign organization; 2) The organization must engage in terrorist activity; and 3) The organization’s terrorist activity or terrorism must threaten the security of U.S. nationals or the national security of the United States. All criteria have been met by the MEK. The State Department says that during the 1970’s, the MEK killed U.S. military personnel and civilians in Iran and supported the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran in November 1979. They also helped Saddam in suppressing Shiite and Kurdish uprisings in southern and northern Iraq. Other major acts of terrorism include killing over 70 high-ranking Iranian officials – including the Chief Justice, President, and Prime Minister – in 1981 by blowing up the head office of the Islamic Republic Party, and the near-simultaneous attacks in April 1992 on Iranian Embassies in 13 countries. The MEK have launched terrorist attacks in Iraq within the last 4 years. The MEK and U.S. Military personal were engaged in heavy combat just after the invasion of Iraq. More on this in a minute.

Tancredo’s repeated letters to France called on the protection of these terrorists. Tancredo has been praised on the MEK’s front group website – National Council of Resistance of Iran’s website. French officials said that the MEK are terrorists and were a serious security risk for their nation. Should not the country of France decide who they want to let into their nation? Note that this was well before the recent Muslim uprisings in France. Mr. Tancredo would be one of the first in line to criticize France if they tried to dictate how the U.S. deals with terrorists and illegal immigrants in our own country.

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In June 2003, the French police arrested a MEK cult leader (Maryam Rajavi) and many supporters. Some members of this communist cult responded by burning themselves to death. Shortly afterward, The Fox News Channel retained as an analyst and”conservative”media promote Alireza Jafarzadeh, who operated for many years from the National Press Building as a spokesperson for this group’s press office, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

The neo-conservatives used the MEK as”intelligence sources”before the invasion of Iraq to justify their invasion. How did that turn out? This was despite the fact that the U.S. government knew the MEK information was NOT credible. Saddam Hussein was put on trial for war crimes; human rights violations, etc, etc. However, it was the MEK that actually committed many of these acts for Saddam Hussein. They have admitted to the world that they slaughtered the Kurds on numerous occasions. Yet, the U.S. media and U.S. politicians remain silent about the MEK.

Instead, our U.S. Military is under orders to protect the American soldier killing MEK in Iraq and we are funding MEK terrorist camps in Iran. When will we learn?? We won’t until you get off your ass and help return the”power to the people”.

The MEK actually slaughtered the Kurds, sometimes using chemicals (yes, the MEK had and still has chemical weapons). But, don’t expect them to face any charges for their crimes. They are free. The charges are all going against Saddam Hussein and his inner circle.

The MEK are providing the”intelligence”on the Iranian nuclear program. The MEK were also the source for most of our top secret”intelligence”sources that we used for Iraq’s so-called nuclear and weapons of mass destruction program.

So why should we trust them with providing intelligence on Iran? We shouldn’t. period. They are terrorists that commit terrorist acts for the highest bidder.

They have made clear that they are seeking an overthrow of Iran from the very beginning. They are a terrorist group that wants to take over Iran. And they are ready to use their false intelligence again to take out the leadership in Iran as they did in Iraq. And the neo-cons and the Israeli interests are licking their chops again because the American media and the American people haven’t woken up yet. The MEK has played such a vital role in the invasion of Iraq and tensions with Iran and the American people hear nothing about them. It is likely that this is the first time that many of you have ever heard of the MEK, unless you have seen some of my previous posts about them.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the group that exercises tremendous control over U.S. foreign policy through Vice President Dick Cheney has promoted the Iran Freedom Support Act as well as many Christian Zionist ministers. The Iran Freedom Support Act is just one in many U.S. bills designed to give the MEK financial assistance. Of course these bills are Sold as ways to spread Democracy and Freedom.

Philosophy of the MEK

The MEK has developed their own unique dangerous ideological mix of radical Islam and Marxism. Original members of the group, Hosayn Ruhani and Torab Haqshenas, once claimed that their”original aim was to synthesize the religious values of Islam with the scientific thought of Marxism…for we were convinced that true Islam was compatible with the theories of social evolution, historical determinism, and the class struggle.”

Below is an Article called ‘Gray Lady runs ad for Terrorists’ by Middle East Security/Terrorism expert Kenneth Timmerman.

The article refers to a full page ad that was placed in the New York Times on January 15, 2003 that thanks members of congress for their support for the MEK. The ad is paid for by the terrorist groups’ American front group. 150 members of congress signed the letter of support. Many of the congressional staffers were mislead by Rep. Tancredo and the other core group of MEK supporters in Congress, into thinking that this was an Iranian Democracy and human rights group seeking support for human rights and democratic reforms in Iran. The group has no interest in democracy. They only want to control Iran.


Shortly after this full page advertisement appeared in the New York Times, American soldiers went to war in Iraq and killed some of these Saddam Hussein-supported Marxist terrorists (as classified by the State Departments of Presidents Bill Clinton and of George W. Bush) in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Camp Ashraf was/is a MEK terrorist training camp. But, a short time later the U.S. Military were given orders to stop battling the MEK. Instead, they were given orders to protect the MEK within camp Ashraf. Pentagon officials have stated that the MEK fighters were disarmed. However, several photographs of Camp Ashraf by several journalist sources have documented that MEK fighters are still heavily armed.

The MEK cult has many unusual features. Two such interesting features about the MEK cult include the following; The MEK leadership forces or”convinces”its married members to divorce. The MEK also has a very powerful military force. The MEK has routinely routed Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) units. Besides, the U.S. Military the MEK may be the best trained military force now in Iraq. What is unusual about this highly trained fighting force? It is made up largely of women. Yes, that is right. This fact has led to some respect and support for the MEK by a handful of feminist groups in the United States.

These are known terrorists to 99% of the world, but these folks give them total support -Tom Tancredo (R-CO.), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FLA.), Bob Filner (D-CA.), Edolphus Towns (D-NY), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and Lincoln Diaz- Balart (R-FLA.) MEK members have been caught sneaking into our country. Did Tancredo stand up against these illegals? No. Tancredo actually lobbied to have these terrorists freed into the United States. Are you comfortable with this?

This group has millions of dollars and spends it freely. They hold rallies in front of the United Nations and the U.S. Capital. They pay people from all over the world to come and hold signs and protest for freedom in Iran. Their front group National Council of Resistance of Iran is a heavyweight lobbyist group in Washington, D.C. throwing major gifts around and twisting arms for support. The group has the ear of Rep. Tancredo and the rest of the core group of MEK supporters in the U.S. congress and the Pentagon. The neo-conservatives and the congressional supporters of the MEK are treating these front groups and the MEK directly as a human rights groups and are always seeking financial support from U.S. taxpayers for MEK ‘activities’ in Iran and Iraq. Tancredo has called for proposals sending millions of your tax dollars to fund another misadventure in the Middle East. Even though the MEK’s main ‘activities’ mostly consists of killing people.

How often have the neo-cons and Rep. Tancredo been interested in human rights? The MEK does not support human rights. The MEK often works as a group of bounty hunters, collecting cash for launching terrorist attacks.

The general Iranian population which is actually for more democracy in Iran is scared of the MEK and they often compared the MEK to Pol Pot. They will clearly resist them and create a civil war. Tancredo and MEK supporters claim that the Iranian population will welcome them with open arms. Where have we heard that before? Yet, Mr. Tancredo thinks that terrorists that have killed Americans should be helped to gain control of Iran and the trillions, upon trillions of oil dollars that would come along with it.

How can you just forgive them for murdering Americans? Mr. Tancredo doesn’t say that the MEK never murdered Americans. He knows that they have. It has been well documented. He says that it was long ago and that they changed and we should forgive them. He says they care about freedom and want to help”us”. The MEK has never shown an interest in freedom and Democracy. We don’t need to be mixed up in another foreign entanglement. When are we going to learn? Probably never- or at least not until the opportunities to profit from it disappear. We all know what we can expect from this group if they gain power in Iran, judging from our former support for Saddam Hussein, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Plus, the MEK now has a large network of members in our country- which is a major security threat. These MEK supporters in congress have also refused to stop these illegal immigrant terrorists that we accept and protect. If you run across a suspicious looking terror camp in the United States and the feds don’t seem to care or ignore your warnings- it is probably the MEK.

Myspace – August 4, 2007

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