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New Document on MKO’s Involvement in Kurds’ Massacre

On Jan. 23, 2007, CNN Arabic reported from Baghdad on the details of the 35th session of Anfal Court, which clearly points to the fact that Ali Hassan Al-Majid ordered MKO members to pursue and target Kurds inside Iran.

The report is as follows:

"35th session of Anfal Court was held in Iraq and it’s the second session without the presence of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, hanged on December 30.

In the previous session, prosecutor provided the court with audio tapes of talks between Saddam and Hassan Al-Majid, in which the orders were issued on using chemical weapons against the Kurds.

In the 35th session, new documents were presented on the accusations and the roles of former Iraqi president’s allies in attacking the Kurds in 1988 were identified.

What follows is part of the details of the session quoted by Iraqi TV:

– Prosecutor provided the court with a new audio tape in which Ali Hassan Al-majid talks about chemical weapons against the Kurds and promises to impose more restrictions on them, including the ban on speaking Kurdish.

– Another audio tape revealed that Hassan Al-Majid was planning a new scenario, including chemical attacks on the Kurds, gathering them in specified locations and then targeting them with chemical weapons.

– Prosecutor states that in a part of the tape, Al-Majid asks for pursuing the Kurds by special teams and also targeting them inside Iran by Mojahedin-e Khalq. The tape was not played.

CNN Arabic, 23 January 2007

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