meeting on the”massacre of Iraqi Kurds by MKO”

REPORT ON Nejat Society’s meeting on the " massacre of Iraqi Kurds by MKO"

A meeting was held in Sanandaj – Kurdistan, on December 2nd, to investigate the role of MEK in the massacre of Iraqi civilians Kurds. A group of separated members of MEK were invited by Nejat Society.

During the meeting, 25 defectors of MKO declared their memories and presented concrete evidences about the Suppressing Operation to kill Kurds in Iraq (Morvarid Operation) and denounced one of the thousand crimes of Rajavi and stated their viewpoints.

The meeting included three parts:

1-       Defectors stating memories of savage killing Kurds Operation, named Morvarid Operation.

2-       The Q & A by reporters and journalists who participated the meeting.

3-       Interviewing and speaking to returnees.

The extra programs of the meeting were as followings:

1-     Presenting the photos, articles, documents of "Morvarid Operation" especially the photos of Iraqi Kurdish Martyrs who were about 79 people with the evidence of their martyrdom which attired the attention of reporters and journalists.

2-     Showing a brief documentary in which the savage Morvarid Operation was presented.

3-     Delivering Nejat Society’s Publication, and three CD’s (including the interview with Kurdish martyrs’ families who described the way their relatives were killed by MEK), a news bulletin which included the memories, documents such as the plan of the operation, to the reporters and journalists.

The participants were as follows:

1-     Arash Sametipour

2-     Taleb Jalilian

3-     Asad Pak

4-     Mohammad Ardalan pour

5-     Houshyar Seifie

6-     HabibAallah Almasih

7-     Hussein Karamie

8-     Ali Akbar Amin Abbasi

9-     Ahmad Jomhourie

10- Fazel Farhadie

11- Hussein Jannat Nezhadian

12- Abou Alfazl Yahyaee

13- Davoud Heidarie

14- Hadie Shaabany

15- Abbas Karamy

16- Asghar Farzin

17- Soleiman Rah Anjam

18- Ali Biglary

19- Ghasem Baba Safarie

20-Ramezan Saeedi

21-Mahmud Aseman Panah

22-Ali Karimie Fard

23-Ronak Dashti

24-Varya Dashti

25-Shokr Allah Gorgi Zade

And the representative of National Union of Kurdistan – Mr. Diari Marouf Hussein also participated the meeting and addressed a speech on the subject of the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the separated members attending the meeting signed a statement:

"Through this statement, we- the former members of MKO and the signatories of the following text­- who were under pressure and threatened to participate Morvarid Operation declare that:

1-     At first, according to the fake stories and justifications of MKO’s leader  Masud Rajavi – who had induced his forces that the Iranian Pasdaran in Kurdish disguises were planning to attack Mujahedins’ bases, but later we realized that nobody was there but Iraqi Kurds and what we were told about Pasdaran’s infiltrating was pure lie.

2-     Masud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Qajar Azdanlou commanded the operation directly and through a radio message which was sent to all forces, she ordered clearly to destroy the houses of Kurdish villagers and civilians by bombarding them.

3-     Saddam Hussein had evidently asked the forces of Baath army to cooperate with Mujahedin-e-Khalq during the operation.

4-     The commandants and high ranking members of Mujahedin bombarded the Kurds’ houses and also opened fire against women and children and captured the Kurds. Under the order of high commandants especially, Mehdi Abrishamchi and Mahvash Sepehri, they were tortured seriously, and were delivered to Iraqi Military Intelligence Service (Istikhbarat) later.

5-     We, as the eye witnesses of the crimes of Rajavi against Kurds, according to our conscience, ask for bringing justice and trying Rajavi and Saddam as the cooperators of suppressing and killing the civilians and we found it necessary to attend their trial to witness.

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