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  • Mujahedin Khalq as an Opposition GroupU.S.'s Policies Increase Regional Insecurity

    U.S.’s Policies Increase Regional Insecurity

    Speaking in a conference, held by Institute for Coordination of Iraqi Democratic movement, on "how to escape Iraq's disasters", Kazem Habib said: "The U.S. is undoubtedly trying to play an active role in disrupting Iran's political situation and in this regard uses the MKO as…

  • IraqMKO, Hated by Iraqis

    MKO, Hated by Iraqis

    The main reason was that Saddam wanted to change human structure of Iraq while Shiites and Kurds comprised more than 80 percent of Iraqi population. After revolution in Iran and closure of US and Israeli embassies in Tehran, Americans thought of coup in Iran in…

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