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U.S.’s Policies Increase Regional Insecurity

Dr. Kazem Habib, Iraqi prominent expert and researcher, has referred to the issue of MKO and how it’s being used as a tool by the U.S., saying:”It seems that Americans are moving according to international and regional strategies, security, military and political tactics, as well as economical interests under the shade of globalization and along the guidelines of NeoCons.”

Speaking in a conference, held by Institute for Coordination of Iraqi Democratic movement, on”how to escape Iraq’s disasters”, Kazem Habib said:”The U.S. is undoubtedly trying to play an active role in disrupting Iran’s political situation and in this regard uses the MKO as a tool. Therefore, it has indirectly linked Baathists and the MKO in order to create problems for Iran and at the same time serve as leverage against the Iraqi government. So, the security wouldn’t be established in Iraq unless the U.S. left the idea of using Iraqi soil for challenging Iranians.”

“Unfortunately, Americans consider only their own interests and this makes the situation more complex. This is the same policy Israel adopts to put pressure on Arab countries,”he added.

Al-Jeiran newspaper –  2007/08/05

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