Al- Shahid

  • Mujahedin Khalq 's FunctionMEK Interferes in Iraq Affairs

    MEK Interferes in Iraq Affairs

    Political sources of Al-Shahid reported of the interferences of terrorist MEK in Iraq elections. "Members of this organization spend a lot of money to change the process of the elections," a source said. This source, who has important evidences and documents on this group's interferences…

  • Expulsion from IraqIraqis Want MKO's Expulsion

    Iraqis Want MKO’s Expulsion

    History shows that terrorist MKO had an active role in former Iraqi government. Since its arrival in Iraq, MKO started to conduct former regime's evil plans against Iraqi people. After the fall of former regime, Iraqis heard happy news on the expulsion of this group…

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