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MEK Interferes in Iraq Affairs

Political sources of Al-Shahid reported of the interferences of terrorist MEK in Iraq elections. "Members of this organization spend a lot of money to change the process of the elections," a source said.

This source, who has important evidences and documents on this group’s interferences in Iraq elections, added:

"This organization protests to Iraqi constitution, especially to the article which stresses the expulsion of terrorist groups from Iraq; this organization also asks for the cancellation of some paragraphs from the constitution. Interferences of this group in Iraq’s internal affairs show ugly face of this group, that wants destabilization of Iraq."

We should all try to bring Massoud Rajavi and other leaders of terrorist MEK to the court of justice for their crimes against Iraqis.

"Government should fight all signs of terrorism and prevent the country from becoming a safe place for the activities of terrorists" (Iraq constitution).

 From the beginning, Massoud Rajavi tried to defend his dictatorship by creating a kind of sacredness for himself and his wife. In 1988, Iran affairs expert Professor Ervand Abrahamian, wrote about the MEK:

"In middle of 1987, all principles and rules for the establishment of personality cult were developed in the MKO so that the commander of the group introduced himself as "leader" and unofficial reports indicate that he considers himself an "Imam". Members of the organization have an image of him that his orders should be performed unquestionably and hierarchically; this is exactly what the MEK emphasizes in its training catalogs."

Members of this organization have drawn an image of horrible situation governing the group. Hadi Shams Haeri, former member of the group who was in high ranks for nearly 15, says:

"Anyone who tried to escape from the organization was imprisoned in MEK’s own prison or an Iraqi one; sometimes the person was sentenced to death."

"The one who joins the MEK should remain a member infinitely. He can only read the publications of the groups; spies are always watching him. Members of this organization should divorces their spouses in order to have only the love of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi."

Observers in the West report of unique methods in regard of how Rajavi controls the members. Former members have discussed dictatorial situation in MEK, in an interview with Wall Street Journal. These former members who didn’t reveal their names due to fears for their lives, said: "MEK leaders practice the worst kind of dictatorship against dissident members; they imprison, kill and punish all those who object to the orders of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi.

Some members of the organization have revealed that the group has forced them to divorce their spouses, leave their children and send them to Europe. Another journalist says: "As far as I could learn, members of this organization are in safe houses in the West. The MEK doesn’t provide much property for these people and they are deprived from the basic conditions for living. They don’t have the right to challenge their officials and should only obey the orders."

A journalist, who has visited one of MKO camps in Iraq, described it as follows:

"In this camp, I saw a clear example of dictatorship. Member of this organization has only the right to eat and sleep; he is not free to express his problems for higher-ups. He should only obey the orders. I believe that this method is similar to the way Saddam treated his own people."

"I saw that the officials of the camp remembered Saddam as their supporter, who has provided them with bases and weapons; there’s no doubt that the group has been effected by the way Saddam governed his people," this journalist adds.

Saddam Hussein has in fact supported this group, has provided weapons and large amounts of money for them.

On the other hand, offices of this group in Europe, North America, Middle East and Australia are responsible for collecting money and properties.

This organization has secret bank accounts under the name of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi. Formerly, these bank accounts were used to filled by Saddam Hussein. In addition, the MEK received a lot of money for giving intelligence to Iraqi government, collected by spying.

Oil-for-food scandal which was revealed recently reflected the level of cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Mojahedin.

Political expert of New York Times wrote:

"The MEK has received a large amount of money, from selling Iraq’s oil in European markets by Arab merchants, although this has not been registered under the name of the group." This expert revealed that when Iraq was under UN sanctions, signed agreements which directed hundreds of millions of dollars to the pocket of this group; this was like a gift from former regime.

This organization has a long history of spying for Iraqi Estekhbarat so that the former secret service used this group to target critics of the regime.

Efforts to bring Massoud Rajavi and other leaders of this organization to a criminal court in Iraq is a national request because the group and its leaders have committed crimes against Iraqis and have plundered their properties.

Al-Shahid, No. 252

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