Majid Ruhi

  • Maryam RajaviWho is Maryam Rajavi?

    Maryam Rajavi’s background and experience

    Launching her ideological revolution in the late 20th century, Maryam Rajavi took her cult to the darkest days of middle ages. She suppressed any freedom not only in Ashraf prisons but also in members' family and personal life...In order to maintain her cult, she has…

  • Maryam RajaviMaryam Rajavi symbol of suppression and disappointment

    Maryam Rajavi symbol of suppression and disappointment

    They also compare her with Martin Luther king. What a ridiculous comparison! Today former members are denouncing her true face so no one would believe her nonsense. As they described in their memoires of their membership in the cult, Maryam Rajavi orders the female members…

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