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Maryam Rajavi symbol of suppression and disappointment

I was surfing the Internet when I got to see the story of Maryam Qajar Azdanlou [Rajavi] on YouTube where the cult of Rajavi [MKO] has flattered her to the extreme extent. Although Mrs. Azdanlou is one single individual, the cult has portrayed her with various personalities such as a saint, heroic and political woman. What is the fact?

Maryam Qajar Azdanlou, actually inherited her Mujahed background from her sister Narges who, according to an Iranian journal “Partow e Iran”, killed herself by swallowing a cyanide capsule after she was at risk of being arrested by security forces of Shah, before the Islamic Revolution. After the revolution her sister Maryam was lucky to enjoy the advantages of the so-called presidency of National Council of Resistance. Then after the alleged ideological revolution in the 1980’s, she started a new wave of massacre in her movement. She even dedicated her emotional life and her family to sacrifice the fighters of resistance.

In the late twentieth century with her ideological revolution, she led her cult to its darkest days as in the middle-age. She ruined any freedom in Camp Ashraf and even all aspects of members’ lives; instead she replaced suppression and detection of opinion among them.

Maryam Qajar sharpened the edge of her suppressive sward towards the captured women of the cult. She has to deprive them from their basic rights to maintain her cult. She has theorized her revolution as the following: Human’s nature is originated from evil so suppression is a blessing for them. She humiliates the members and tries her best to capture their minds in depression and disappointment. Yes, Maryam Qajar Azdanlou is the symbol of suppression and disappointment for a dark future.

Her suppressive approach and her historical personality characterize her as a completely distinguished woman.

Maryam Qajar Azlanlou has dedicated her life for manipulating the members’ minds to change them into main generating motors of suppression and massacre of generations.
In 2003, she was jailed in France for 15 days but she was never treated badly there. The MKO made too much fanfare to release Maryam Rajavi, launching a wave of self immolations. But, what about those dissident members who are in the organization’s prisons and are tortured every day

It is funny that MKO labels Maryam as ‎Jeanne d’Arc who struggled for freedom of her country and was imprisoned and tortured because for the cause of her nation. Which part of Maryam’s life is similar to Jeanne d’Arc?

They also compare her with Martin Luther king. What a ridiculous comparison! Today former members are denouncing her true face so no one would believe her nonsense. As they described in their memoires of their membership in the cult, Maryam Rajavi orders the female members to bear hysterectomy operation in order to kill the least hope for emotions and family life in the women’s heart.

Translated by Nejat Society

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