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Strategic Chance Turns to Historical Disappointment

Regarding the fact that there’s no hope for survival for the remnants of Rajavi’s gang and that they are unable to break the current deadlock, in addition to the lack of popular support, they hoped the talks between Europe and Iran would fail and Zionist warmongers would emerge as winners.

Therefore, they resorted to propaganda against Iran’s nuclear programs and tried to convince the public opinion that it’s for military purposes; by this, they wanted to pave the way for sanctions against Iran.

Indeed, those sponsoring the plan of sanctions against Iran are well aware that sanctions won’t work against Iran; therefore they invest on disrupting the process of negotiations.

Rajavi’s gang hoped that situation would become worse with the rejection of Europe’s incentives package by Iran and the approval of UN resolution 1696 on Iran’s suspension of uranium enrichment. They hoped this would boost the morale of their desperate forces. Within past 3 years, while dealing with the crisis of its illegal presence in Iraq, the MKO has always tried to boost the morale of its members by false hopes.

However, the case was referred to the UN Security Council, with no resolution passed against Iran. Meanwhile, the Europeans’ proposed package was rejected by Iranian officials. The MKO, and warmongers, dreams didn’t’ come true and now, Iranians and Europeans are talking about resolving the misunderstandings and the continuation of negotiations; even the US speaks openly of waiting for the results!

Observers believe that Iran’s aware of sanctions impacts on its economy and on the other hand, Europe understands Iran’s weight in the region and tries to solve the issue in a respectful way. With such a view, politicians will certainly try to solve the issues and this means the historical disappointment of Rajavi’s gang of what they believed to be a strategic chance that could pave the way for warmongers.

This disappointment confirms how discredited the MKO is. It shows that the parties who want a regime change in Iran don’t pay attention to this group and its claims otherwise they had done something to change the situation.

The truth is that even the warmongers don’t believe the terrorist MKO is an alternative. So, they protect this group only to use it later and this is the end of opportunistic moves (of Rajavi’s remnants) toward getting a better political position.

Irandidban –   2006/09/12

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