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A Deal, Dirty but Auspicious!

It was a long time that the terrorist MKO was looking for a chance to bring its detained leader- freed in a deal- to the scene again!

Can one say that the ruling of the European court (on annulling the orders to freeze MKO funds) was a proper opportunity? Anyway, the noise made by MKO’s propaganda machine on this worthless ruling was considered a good chance by Rajavi to show up.

It’s important for the Rajavis that others don’t understand how he got back his freedom.

As he treacherously left his deceived armed forces in Iran in 1981 and fled to France, Rajavi simply accepted to get his freedom in return for allowing the dismantling of Camp Ashraf!

One another condition for his freedom was to renounce terrorism and to give up bankrupt policy of armed struggle; he has accepted this wholeheartedly. His remnants in Europe and the US have allowed their lawyers to denounce terrorism and armed struggle in order to pave the way for political survival.

It means that Americans have gotten across their message to Rajavi: the only way to get out of the terror list (the only way for the survival of the group) is to admit the failure of armed struggle and quit claims about it. Insistence on voluntary denouncement of armed struggle by the MKO in the ruling of European court proves this.

So, Rajavi comes to the scene again while total failure in Iran means the total annihilation of MKO, NLA and Camp Ashraf. On the other hand, he creates a new political entity in Europe (like tens of other invalid groups) whose duty is to serve the policies of Western politicians.

Anyway, this dirty deal (the examples of which are numerous in MKO and Rajavi’s history) will pave the way for saving many of deceived members in Camp Ashraf and it will not allow the bankrupt gang of Rajavi to exploit these members anymore.

In addition, bringing Massoud Rajavi to the scene should be a starting point for bringing him to justice. He should account for 25 years of bloodshed under his total command.

Irandidban –  2006/12/13

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