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The MEK continues to publish lies

The editorial and opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal continue to be dominated by neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites).

A letter to the editor in the December 12, 2006 issue (page A19) was signed by Shahin Gobadi, Press Spokesman, National Council of Resistance of Iran, London. Of course, The Wall Street Journal did not identify the NCRI as a front for the Iranian Communist MEK (Rajavi Cult or Pol Pot of Iran). Gobadi used PMOI in the letter without identifying the relationship.

The MEK continues to publish the same lies:

1. The MEK lies about having large support inside Iran.

2. The MEK lies about not being a terrorist organization.

Gobadi mentioned the Iran Policy Committee (IPC) without revealing if the MEK funds trips for Professor Raymond Tanter to speak at MEK conferences. Gobadi failed to reveal relationships between the MEK and the IPC staff (former CIA employee and former military officers). In particular, Gobadi could have provided details about published reports that the CIA is using MEK members to go into Iran as spies and to destroy Iranian property. If there are so many MEK members living in Iran today, why does the CIA need to export MEK members to Iran?

Gobadi mentioned that the MEK raises large amounts of money from Iranians living outside of Iran. Gobadi did not mention that fundraising methods include having MEK members tell their parents that they need tens of thousands of dollars for surgery or that they will leave the MEK and start a business.

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