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US to delist MEK/MKO? Who cares

So the Wall St Journal shook up some people with a report that the US will soon delist the MEK as a terrorist organization.

Question: so what? I mean, apart from the fact that the listing was never really enforced anyway, what with MEK members still strutting around in the halls of Congress and paying large sums of money to various officials to campaign for them, nevermind the MEK spokesmen who show up on Fox and HuffingtonPost to peddle their propaganda… apart from all that, the fact is that no one in Iran really gives a damn what the US State Department’s opinion on the matter is anyway. Iranians hate the MEK not because it is on the State Department’s terrorist list but because of the historical actions and agenda of the MEK, which isn’t going to change no matter how many times it gets added or removed from any lists.

Anyway, Laura Rozen reports that the Wall St Journal article about delisting the MEK "blindsided" the Iran experts in Washington. I think the true explanation is this: Lets not forget that the Wall St Journal is part of the far-right (just read their editorial pages) in the US that doesn’t want to see a peaceful resolution of the US-Iran standoff, and like other far-right anti-Iran organizations, it has been trying to do its part to scuttle the Iran nuclear talks.

Secretly, I suspect that the regime in Iran is quite happy to see the US remove the MEK from the terrorist list. After all, the MEK is the best opposition that the IRI could hope for. I mean, if you’re going to have activists opposing you, what better that these discredited, hated, and cultlike activists can you find?


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